Saturday, November 5, 2011

CK Car Companion 1.0.1

CK Car Companion is an application meant to be a great companion to car drivers.


Create your own GPS actions to make your device inform the person you are meeting automatically.
Eg. SMS your wife when you are leaving office or CALL your wife when you are reaching her office etc.

GPS actions are created in the following steps:
- search and set a location on the map
- specify an area of a certain radius around the location
- pick a triggering condition, entering or exiting the area
- pick a action, SMS or call someone
- specify a name to describe the GPS action

To start GPS tracking, turn on your device GPS, and click on the Start Tracking in the application.


Helps you to track the fuel consumption and efficiency of your car.
Supports km and miles.
Supports litres, US gallons and UK (Imperial) gallons.


Helps you to track when to send in the car for maintenance servicing.
All you have to do is to key in the last car servicing date and mileage, specify servicing intervals, reminders settings and contact
information of car servicer, this application will then allow you to make an servicing appointment on a click when the time comes.


Allows you to backup and restore the above data to and from SD card.
If you are upgrading from free trial version, select backup from the trial version and select restore from paid version to migrate
your data over.

Permissions required by this application:

- Coarse and Fine locations: For GPS actions tracking to work.
- Read contact data: To allow picking of contact numbers from your contact list.
- Full internet access: To access Android market and Google maps.
- Modify SD card contents: To allow backup of data.
- Directly call phone numbers, send SMS messages: To carry out the actions defined by GPS actions tracking.
- View network state: To allow checking of availability of Internet access.

Available in full paid version and free trial

CK Car Companion
CK Car Companion

CK Car Companion Free Trial
CK Car Companion Free Trial

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